First Oriental Therapy Center


  • Massage on the feet, covers all the pressure points that relates to the organs, gland, and systems of the body. Great for relaxation and improving quality of sleep.  

Chair Massage

  • Focuses on neck, back, and shoulder discomfort; massage offered in a chair. 

Also Available:

  • Essential Oil Massage
  • Body Scrap Treatment
  • Detox Foot Bath

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue. 

Thai Massage

  • Involves rhythmic pressing and stretching of the body; techniques combine massage with yoga-like positions, emphasizes stretching and acupressure.

Herbal Thai Massage

  • Same techniques used as in Thai Massage, but with hot steamed herbal poultice; opens pores and brings deep medicinal heat to the body to alleviate aches and pains and release tension. Increase blood circulation, energize and detoxify the body.

Swedish-Thai Massage

  • A blend of Traditional and Relaxation Massage.  Incorporates soft-tissue therapies with passive yoga style stretching with long gliding strokes and compression.

Hot Stone Massage

  • Using the warmth of heated rocks to penetrate deep into muscles, combined with Swedish and Traditional Massage.  Take away all aches and pains, relax and renew the body.


  • Apply physical pressure to acupuncture points, release bad energy stored within the body.

Swedish Massage

  • Uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage. Helpful to reduce pain and  joint stiffness. Improve blood circulation.

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